“Live Your YOUlogy” for Success

You may have read some self-help books, hired other motivational speakers, or worked with coaches, but maybe they didn’t quite seem to “fit” what you were after. Or if they did fit, perhaps it didn’t last because you couldn’t internalize the message and live it every day.

Red Katz knows what you’re up against – and he’s here to help! Red has experienced both highs and lows (like divorce and bankruptcy) and he’ll give you the keys to build resiliency and help you overcome your real-world challenges with real-world strategies. No theory, no fluff, and no filler. After experiencing Red’s program, your audience will be able to:

  • Use both intellect and emotion to tap into new sources of renewal and resilience.
  • Turn turmoil and turbulence into opportunities for growth and possibility.
  • Maximize strengths and minimize weaknesses.
  • Transform fear of change so that it is a catalyst and not a hurdle.
  • Feel more energized and ready to take on whatever life has in store for you.
  • Develop a more positive attitude, thereby increasing self-happiness.
  • Leave with a set of tools that you can use to maximize your potential in business and in life.




45-60 minutes

This Seminar is Best Suited to These Audiences

Corporations, associations, and any other groups who want to enhance personal and professional success. Hire Red for your next national conventions, industry conferences, corporate events, or national and state association meetings (including financial services, healthcare, and entrepreneurial events.)