“Live Your YOUlogy” for Communication

Communication. It’s at the root of everything: business transactions, sales pitches, simple introductions. It defines how we connect with others, get fresh perspectives on ideas, and interact in positive and effective ways. But what exactly fuels this outward interpretation of our goals and ideas and passions?

With the help of professional communicator Red Katz, you will learn how to communicate with yourself in a clear and unmistakable way so you can remove whatever self-imposed obstacles are standing between you and success – for good! Red helps to simplify the paths to progress that often seem unattainable, leaving only potential and renewal as welcome stops along the way. After experiencing Red’s program, your audience will be able to:

  • Meaningfully respond to questions like How do I unlock myinner power? or How do I start living my true passion?
  • Gain a better understanding of themselves so they can communicate more effectively with others.
  • Overcome obstacles to clear communication with confidence and excitement.
  • Develop the necessary self-awareness to start them on their individual paths to success.
  • Identify unique strengths, get rid of troublesome hindrances, and never look back.
  • Learn how to identify and fix communication breakdowns through a system of personal accountability




45-60 minutes

This Seminar is Best Suited to These Audiences

Corporations, associations and groups who want to enhance communication within their organization. Hire Red for your next corporate meeting, executive retreat, in-house seminar, or leadership and management training.